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Nov 19

Our new ResidentBand video is LIVE.  We had so much fun making this video!  So don’t be afraid to have fun watching it, and then share with your friends.

Nov 6

I’m on a Mother F^@&!n Boat!

A behind the scenes look at the making the ResidentBand music video for Still Spark’s song “Best Times.”

ResidentBand is a Los Angeles based independent music video series which helps independent artists by promoting Resident Artists with original videos we create.

Support Independent Artists by sharing our videos on YouTube and other social network websites. Thanks.

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Mar 1
New Show- at Brix in Sunset Beach! Acoustic-ish with some friends maybe joining us for some cameos. This is one of the coolest Wine Bars in OC. New songs will be tested on you!www.brixsunsetbeach.comSun March 104:30- 7:30 pm or soNo cover
Facebook Event.

New Show- at Brix in Sunset Beach! Acoustic-ish with some friends maybe joining us for some cameos. This is one of the coolest Wine Bars in OC. New songs will be tested on you!
Sun March 10
4:30- 7:30 pm or so
No cover

Facebook Event.

Aug 1
Playing in Orange County (California) 8/24

Playing in Orange County (California) 8/24

Feb 19

Still Spark still here

We’ve got some great new material brewing that we can’t wait to share with you! Until then, here’s an acoustic version of a track from our freshman release that we threw down after a great songwriting session today at Seth’s house.

Dec 20

Still Spark Album Cover Contest Winner


Hey all! We’ve been busy with some great new projects and we’ll tell you all about them soon.  That said, we haven’t forgotten about our debut Still Spark record. We’re still super thrilled with it and we promise not to be out of touch for so long again. One of the bits of business to pick up on is to settle up with the “guess the album cover contest” winner.  In hindsight, we were perhaps a little too clever with our album cover! We had the idea of representing an element or elements of each song on the record, visually in one photo.  John Royal Minor did an amazing job helping us frame it all. Out of 316 submissions, nobody got all 10 songs correct. However, we had one person who correctly named 8- Congratulations to awesome rocker and all around great guy, Scott MacLeod. Check out the new music from his band, Perfectly November, at Scott, your Itunes cards are on the way! 


Here are the answers with a bit of explanation thrown in.


Love Comes Calling – telephone and suitcase- “her love comes calling, better get on out of town”   


Caroline- clock with hands showing 9 o’clock- “she comes around at 9” and red stilettos - “tight blue jeans, red stilettos”


The Way I Am- rum and coke “I’ve been told its getting old that I medicate with rum and coke” 


Still On Your Side- leaves “fickle winds and fragile leaves”


Best Times- pictures- “box of pictures from the attic”


Heart O’Mine- red wig- “red headed trouble from the start” 


Simple Things- globe- “the whole world can spin and make oxygen”


Careless Thing- gas can next to a candle- “it’s a careless thing”


Good Woman- magnifying glass and handcuffs- “if you find one, really find one, don’t let go”


The Limelight- piano bar- “he’s in The Limelight, it’s a tiny place he plays the keys” 


Thanks for your support and we’ll let you know about new music we’re writing and new shows coming up.

Apr 28

Still Spark Radio Campaign Begins!


Still Spark Still Spark Self-Released ADDS 5/3/11 DIGITAL ONLY
At first glance, the two guitars have little in common – one is splashed with boldly colored stickers and battered from years of touring, while the other is shiny and simple, with an air of innocence. Posed side by side, they would seem to suggest an unlikely meeting of very different worlds. And yet it’s exactly this juxtaposition that has created the compelling and energized music of STILL SPARK.

After meeting through a mutual friend, the seemingly unlikely pair of long-time musician Seth Freeman (formerly of Boston alt-rock band Little John) and aerospace engineer-turned-songwriter Dan O’Leary began collaborating on the songs that would eventually become Still Spark. Though they were inspired by diverse influences – everything from Van Morrison and Bob Dylan to Weezer and Nirvana – the two found their different backgrounds and styles nevertheless complement each other perfectly.

The result is a collection of songs that range from the driving energy of the smirking first single “Love Comes Calling” to quieter, more introspective moments like “Heart O’ Mine,” always bound with a common thread of lyrical storytelling and genuine emotion. Freeman explains, “Still Spark is about being okay with wherever we are, as long as we end up there by following our inspiration.”

Fueled by a successful Kickstarter campaign, the self-titled debut album from the Los Angeles-based duo is available now. It was produced by Kay Hanley (Letters to Cleo, Palmdale, Miley Cyrus) and Chris Zerby (Helicopter Helicopter, Hello Dragon) and boasts knockout performances by Michael Eisenstein (Letters to Cleo, Our Lady Peace), Blair Sinta (Melissa Etheridge, Alanis Morrissette), Lawrence Katz (Mighty Mighty Bosstones), Joseph Karnes (Five for Fighting, Damien Rice), Linus Dotson (Nerf Herder, Palmdale), Gaby Moreno, and more.

A collaborative effort in every sense, Still Spark whips together roots rock, pop hooks and clever wordsmithing, proving that sometimes two heads, or two guitars, when nobody would have bet on them, can create something bigger than the sum of the notes.

TRY: #1, 2, 5, 8

Full Album Available Here:

More Info Here:

Apr 13

Still Spark “Guess The Album Cover” Contest

If you look closely at the Still Spark debut album cover, you’ll see a variety of props accompanying Seth and Dan. These items all have a connection with the 10 songs on the record. Some songs may require more than 1 item to complete the connection. All items are only connected to one song though. Ignore the walls, candelabra, lights, lamps, tables, chairs, and booths, though-they don’t count.

You may participate in this free contest for iTunes gift cards. No catch. But winning this contest will likely require you to listen to all of the songs on the record. Which you may do for free at

Or you can purchase the record from that same site or from iTunes or Amazon, among others.

We will award iTunes gift cards to 3 winners who correctly identify which items correspond to which songs. We’ll accept entries until May 31st. At that time, we’ll enter names of the correct entries in to a random drawing.

First name drawn wins- $40 iTunes card

Second name drawn wins- $30 iTunes card

Third name drawn wins- $20 iTunes card

We’ll notify the winners by June 13th 2011. If winners do not object, their names and  their answers, in original form will be published on this site.


Submit your entries by email to Don’t worry, participation does not put you on a mailing list or spam list of any kind. Your email address is safe with us and will be disposed of. Heck, we don’t even need to know your name or anything about you unless you’ve been chosen as a winner. So feel free to submit your answers from a temporary account if you want (ours is!), but keep in mind we’ll email you only if you are a winner, at that email address.  

By way of disclaimer- nobody who assisted in the writing or recording of this project, nor are any family members of Seth or Dan eligible to win a prize. Any of you in that category may participate just for fun and bragging rights if you want!  

Apr 12

Mar 29

EPIC Record Release Party promo video. Thursday March 31, 2011. Molly Malone’s LA. - FACEBOOK EVENT INVITATION

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